Sophisticated hormone and wellness

testing and metabolic analysis

Customized test reports include:

 Hormone ranges based on endogenous production and exogenous supplementation

 Age-based hormone ranges

 Dose, delivery, timing, and type of hormone supplements used

 Graphical presentation of patients’ self-reported symptoms

 Interpretive comments linking hormone test results with symptoms and hormones used

 A History Test Report that compares current with previous test results, symptoms, and supplementation

Blood Spot Testing

ZRT Laboratory offers Blood Spot Testing as a minimally-invasive form of hormone and wellness testing. Collection of the blood spot sample is easy and convenient; the patient makes a simple nick of the finger with a lancet, and places blood drops onto a special filter paper to dry. The dried blood collection card is then sent by regular or expedited mail without the need for keeping the sample cold or labeling it as a biohazard. Blood spot collection can be done at home with convenience and privacy.

Saliva Testing

Saliva testing is a convenient, inexpensive and accurate means of testing steroid hormones.

Scientific studies have shown a strong correlation between steroid hormone levels in saliva and the amount of hormone in the blood that is active or “bioavailable.” The majority of steroid hormones in blood are tightly bound to carrier proteins, rendering them unavailable to target tissue. The small fraction of hormone released from the binding proteins freely diffuses into tissues throughout the body such as the salivary glands.

Dried Urine Testing

Urine testing is a common diagnostic method for a wide variety of analytes. ZRT Laboratory uses dried urine for testing elements (iodine, selenium, bromine, arsenic, cadmium and mercury) that directly or indirectly impact thyroid hormone synthesis and intracellular conversion of thyroxine (T4) to triiodothyronine (T3). A recent addition to the suite of tests in dried urine is the primary metabolite of melatonin, MT6s, which is tested in the Sleep Balance Profile.

Why us?

The ZRT Laboratory uses advanced techniques to help detect hormonal imbalances, cancer risk, element exposure, and much more. They offer industry leading turn-around times, with 95% of

samples having results ready to view online in just 3 days.

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