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"I started working with Raychel in May of 2015. I initially contacted her seeking to eliminate some stress related problems from my life. I very much like her approach that she wanted to help me obtain balance in all areas of my life. We looked at several different areas of my life such as my food choices, sleep habits, what thoughts am I entertaining about myself, family time, my spiritual life, and my career. One of the first changes she suggested was the elimination of wheat from my diet, which helped me to eliminate joint pain, fatigue, and belly fat which I had never been able to completely get rid of. Raychel always has been very supportive providing a non-judgmental, safe environment in which I could talk openly and honestly as we worked together to find solutions to help me determine the steps I wish to take on this journey called life. Raychel’s constant upbeat attitude, encouragement, and belief in me was exactly what I needed to believe in myself and begin to implement the changes I wanted to make in my life!!! Thanks to Raychel I am healthier, ten pounds lighter, and have a much more balanced approach to life!!!"

Healthier, Happier, Stress-free Me

43 year old Male

Monroeton, PA

“I struggled daily with self-esteem, food choices, body aches, and a job that I would actually become nauseous of each morning, as I traveled to it. I had gained nearly 50 pounds in 2 years and found it almost impossible to find happiness in everyday life. My husband and 4 children were suffering as I barely had the energy or motivation to do fun things with them. I found out about Raychel through Face book. My curiosity led me to her website and I was then reading the testimonies of others who had used her services to achieve healthier lives. My first session was in June 2015. I remember being slightly surprised that she didn’t want me to be strict with my diet or exercise and instead said that small steps would make the biggest changes, and changes that would last. I said to her that this was definitely doable, but I wouldn’t drop weight as quickly as I had hoped to. Raychel then explained to me that there was a process to lasting health and wellness and dropping weight quickly, restricting yourself to a very strict diet and exercise regimen, would not make me happy in the end. I would end up not learning vital information along the way, feeling deprived and most likely stressed out or overwhelmed. This was a huge step for me. During the 6 month program, I realized that all areas of my life are connected and if any of them are out of balance, it will affect the others. I was eating to make myself feel better, the food I was eating was making my body hurt, draining my energy, and piling on the pounds, my self-esteem had become nonexistent because I felt so under appreciated at my job, and my relationships were suffering due to the other issues I was not dealing with. My results in 6 months include: losing 38 pounds, gaining incredible energy and focus, eliminating the unhealthy foods that were causing the loss of energy and body aches, deciding to quit my job, return to college for 1 more year to finish my degree in Occupational Therapy, take a part-time job that I love while finishing school, and signing up for another 6 months with Raychel. I feel that if my life changed that dramatically in 6 months that the next 6 months will ensure that I continue with my healthier lifestyle.”

                                                                                                     - Angela R., Towanda, PA

"I am very pleased with the outcome of my 6 month program with Passion Life Wellness! I began the program because I needed to lose weight. My self-esteem was non existent and I dreaded buying new clothes each time the others became too small. A friend of mine mentioned that there was a place in Alba doing all kinds of health programs, fitness classes, and etc. and that we should go together to check it out. We stopped by and met Raychel. Then, for the first time, I didn't feel judged by someone who was much healthier and trim than I was (you may know what I mean and it is a discouraging feeling). I was suddenly excited, hopeful, and encouraged! I started thinking that if I felt that way after only spending 15 minutes with Raychel, that the possibilities were endless of how I would feel after 6 months. We worked through the root of the issues for my weight gain, plus I learned vital information about what to eat and how food could heal my body. I finally feel like my body functions the way it was meant to. I am excited to say that just by changing my relationship with food, that I have lost 55 pounds!" I have learned that if you want to change your health, change the food your're eating."

- Patty L., Canton, PA

"Thank you, Raychel, for making it possible for me to achieve my goals! I can now finally say that my digestive issues and Acid Reflux are completely gone and I will not be dependent on medications anymore. I have lost 34 unwanted pounds and finally feel that I can keep up with my grandchildren! My husband has lost 28 pounds thanks to the way that our eating has changed. We never knew how to eat healthy, but Raychel made it easier than we ever could've imagined! "

- Donna J., Troy, PA

" I believe we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. After going through several rounds of chemo as a 34 year old, I knew that I couldn't risk going through it ever again. I destroyed my body in so many ways and I would never have children as a result. I didn't need to lose weight when I started working with Raychel, I actually needed to gain at least 15 pounds. To look in the mirror was torture. I hated how I looked and to joke about it with friends and family I would say that I was the "Crypt Keeper", but secretly I was devastated about it and wanted to hide from everyone. Before working with Raychel, I had become very depressed and angry. One day I noticed a friend of mine had "liked" a Passion Life Wellness post on Facebook. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link and scrolled through the page and then visited the website. I called Raychel about a workshop she had previously given and asked if she would be hosting it again soon. Our conversation ended up with me not only signing up for a workshop, but deciding to meet with her for help in getting my nutrition and health back. I was comforted in knowing that Raychel was also a cancer survivor and that she could understand some of the feelings I was dealing with. During my sessions with her, we would discuss all areas of my life and how it had affected my health and emotional well-being. It was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to anyone. I have gained 13 of the 15 pounds I was striving for, I have muscles now and am very pleased with my figure. I look in the mirror and see health and myself once again. I now eat to nourish my body and to ensure that cancer is never a factor in my future. 

- Danielle R., Burlington, PA

"I am a stubborn old man who finally asked for help. The doctors didn't seem to know what to do with my heart issues or Rheumatoid Arthritis, except to push the big pills onto me and tell me to eat healthier (how do you do that?). That just wasn't good enough for this 67 year old. I wanted to feel better and live longer by CHANGING my health, not by putting a band-aid on it. Raychel was able to figure out what no one else had in over 13 years, I had a severe food allergy that mirrored Rheumatoid Arthritis. Once, we knew this, my health changed quickly and I couldn't believe how wonderful I felt for the first time in years! After 4 months of eating what was right for me and going for daily walks, I was able to lower my blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and take the minimal amount of medications for my heart condition. But, the best part was that I could finally straighten my fingers and use them again, instead of them looking like bent tree branches. I have to admit I may have thought Raychel was a little "off her rocker" when she suggested eliminated certain foods to see if there was an allergy, but it was the best decision I have made for my health. Thank you!"

- Stubborn Old Man, Franklindale, PA

"Have you heard the saying "a year from now you will wish you would have started today"? Well, I can say that without a doubt I am thankful that I did take the first step in February 2015 to reclaim my health and my life. That first step was to email Raychel and set up a time for a consultation. Which, by the way, was free! I had nothing to lose. There was some nervousness prior to meeting Raychel because I had seen the result of her work with a colleague of mine and wasn't sure if I could get the same great results he did. Then my consultation began. I knew within the first 10 minutes of meeting with Raychel that she had a true love and passion for helping people to change their lives. I signed up immediately to begin my 6 month program. This year has been life-changing to say the least. My goals were to lose 45 pounds, learn to play golf again, spend time with those that matter most to me, and to get excellent blood test result back from my doctor's office at the end of those 6 months. Here are my results: I lost 51 pounds, finally made myself a priority and play golf once a week, joined my brother and nephew for 2 fishing trips and 3 hiking adventures (which were awesome), and my doctor was blown away by my test more pre-diabetes for me. The doctor commented on how I seemed less stressed and more confident. When meeting with Raychel, it wasn't just about losing weight, I learned how to make myself a priority and how important self-care is. I realized that the food I was eating was greatly impacting how I felt, how I looked, and how my weight/health had gotten so out-of-hand. My relationships are greatly improved and I have never been happier. The time and effort you put into being healthy and happy is worth it. I appreciate Raychel for taking this journey with me and her encouragement every step of the way. Thank you to Raychel and her vision for Passion Life Wellness!"

- Tim G., Troy, PA

"First, I must say that this company has the potential to change numerous lives. I am living proof of that! I came to Raychel in January 2014 because I was overweight and dealing with depression. She was so thoughtful with the information she presented to me at each session. We went through my kitchen pantry and gave away almost everything in it, complete overhaul. I needed it to be out of my house or I would've struggled with the willpower to not eat all of those unhealthy foods. I began walking for a few months and then progressed to going to the gym. I have lost over 60 pounds and I am only 15 pounds from my goal weight. Yes, it took 7 months and a complete overhaul of my pantry, life, and attitude, but it has changed my life! I am not finished yet though, I have signed up for my first triathalon which takes place in February 2015. I want to be an inspiration to my children, showing them that keeping a healthy and active lifestyle is not only important, but possible. "

- Adriene S., Mansfield, PA

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